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The Start is Me and You

Simple life can take many forms, it could be inside and outside of you.

We can see it in your clothes, food and drinks. We can see it in where you go, where you spend your time and where you sleep. This is how people can see how simple is your life…but from the outside.

When I see your acts, deeds, how do you treat others and how humble you are, here I can see the gold and pearls that glows inside you.

People dig hard to read gold, dive deep to reach calms to get pearls. That goes for you too, make a connection with your inner soul and help it to find its way to these gold and pearls. Its not an easy thing to do, you will take days and hours, you will fail many times and you must fail because I want you to learn from your fails.

Many blocks you will face, many hard rocks will try stop you from reaching your gold. Many sharks will try hunt you down but at the end it is you who can beat it all and get what you want. So now go get what you really own.

What I am up to

Hey guys!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I am really happy to have such a chance and opportunity to share with you my life experience and I keep learning from this wonderful world. 

Everyday I learn new things and get inspired. Which will lead me to do the best I can in each day I live.

Here I will be posting about five topics which are:

  • Gamification
  • Simple Life
  • Awakening the Hero within you
  • Why do we exist
  • Time

These five are my main topics, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t post something else. I may post things that happened to me in real and share with you my opinion…etc

I will post soon how you can contact me and when is the best time.

Hope you Enjoy and please if you have any question just ask and I will answer right away! 

Kind Regards,

Khaleel Al-Qallaf A.K.A (KQ111)